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About Us

"National Delicacy ND" is a ready-made food manufacturing company, which was established in late 2016. We offer customers both vegetarian and meat products. The product is designed for people for whom the time factor and healthy eating are important. With a minimum of time, a person can enjoy 100% natural dishes.

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Frequently asked questions

The ready dishes packed in retort packets initially were made for the help of the soldiers, astronauts, also for injured with catastrophic crash and for situations where the regular method of giving of regular food is unacceptable. Nowadays in our daily occurrence demand for ready food became huge from students, the working couples, the lonely working contingent, corporations and in general: a huge part of the population consumes ready food in retorts packets today. It is also actively used at restaurants and other organizations because from the point of view of hygiene and fragrant qualities, it facilitates their normal functioning when using the minimum human resource.

Ready ND food is absolutely safe because it is made with experienced food technologists when using of correctly picked up retort technologies. Production of ND owns the modern international certificate ISO 9001:2015 and HACCP.

Period of storage 2 years.

Energy value is specified on each product. Also you can follow the page ndelicacy.ge and get exactly acquainted both with energy value, and with structure of food.

In case of preparation of products of ND we use only 100% natural ingredients and we exclude any consumption of additives.

Preparation of products of ND implies only its warming up. It is possible by two methods:

1) Warm up food in the microwave oven within 2 minutes; before you will warm it up, it is obligatory to remove the upper part of a packet that it didn’t burst.

2) Put a packet in the ware full of hot water; The water is hotter, the product will quicker and better heat up. In this case it isn’t obligatory to break integrity of a packet.

Retorts the technology is considered to be the most reliable and acceptable form for preservation of food for long term. Its uniqueness consists in special packets, in addition to uniqueness of process and reliability of technology of products. Foodstuff places in specially seamed packets then they will be sterilized on high temperature for the purpose of removal of all pathogens. While integrity of a package remains unchanged, pathogens can’t get in inside that guarantees goodness and excellent taste of food.

If the package is damaged, it is dangerous to use because there the pathogen microbe could get in.